Thursday, 19 June 2014

My Summer Thus Far...

A little summer fun from my trip to Oregon last year. 
This is a get to know you tag brought to you by Mississippi Women Bloggers.  This is also where you can get a blank list to share as well on your blog!  

Making: Packing lists!  I have a wedding in Arkansas this weekend, and a Europe getaway in a week and a half.  

Cooking:  This vintage themed Pineapple Upside-Down Cake.  Super easy from cake mix and canned pineapple. 

Drinking:  Summer White Sangria made with pino grigio, lemon-lime soda, and summer fruit like blueberries.  This is a great pitcher drink for get togethers.  

Reading:  The Kommondant's Girl by Pam Jenoff is a whirlwind tale about a Jewish girl working under a new identity for the Nazi war offices in Poland.  Anyone curious about my other summer reads can view them on my Goodreads profile here

Wanting:  A new pair of Roxy flip flops and cute beach cover for the French Riviera.  

Looking:  Out our big front window watching the day pass on his lazy hot summer day. 

Playing:   Checking out Tiesto's album on iTunes.  Need to download some new music for the road.  

Wasting:  A lot of time on Pinterest and YouTube.   Also have been binge watching Netflix this Summer.  Scandal is a very addictive show!

Sewing:  Wow, I wish I could sew.  My machine just sits in my spare room unloved. 

Wishing:  I had gone out on my Kayak some before the weather got hot.  

Enjoying:  Having a summer break to recharge after a busy school year.

Waiting:  I am waiting anxiously for next Saturday when I fly back to England to be reunited with my friend Bianca.  

Liking:  Receiving my Birchbox and Ipsy Glam Bag each month.  It is like Christmas once a month in the middle of Summer. 

Wondering:  If I should make a packing list for this week's road trip. 

Loving:  Revlon Lip Butters in all colors!  I scored some for two dollars at my local Big Lots.  They are so soft and creamy for summer. 

Hoping:  For a great summer for all my co-workers.  I already miss them so much and it has been two weeks. 

Marveling:  At all my friends expecting babies this year.  We are definitely in the middle of a baby boom.

Needing:  To be packing for Linda's wedding.  We leave at 6 A.M. tomorrow morning.  

Smelling:  My Big Lots candle Lemongrass, Lime, Kiwi, Coconut, and Bergamot Melon.  Keeps my house smelling like Summer for just five dollars.

Wearing:  My cute button up Columbia shirt in pink found at my local Goodwill.  (Bonus the shorts are from the thrift store too!)

Following:  My awesome friend Melissa at Double-Stacked Bookshelves.  I love keeping up with her reading list that way. 

Noticing:  My books are taking over.  I have all these books that need to be listed on my Etsy shop as well as a ever growing To Be Read pile.

Knowing:  My 30th Birthday is only about a month away.  Time does fly when you are having fun.  No worries, I am ready to kiss my twenties goodbye. 

Thinking:  About some new posts ideas.  Any suggestions out there?

Feeling:  Excited for all these adventures to be had this Summer. 

Bookmarking:  Kasia's Kitchen blog.  She is the Blogger of the Month for June at MSWB.  This list was her idea.

Opening:  My windows to let in the summer light, and my washer machine to catch up on laundry. 

Giggling:  At all these What's Up Elle videos.  She is a hoot on Youtube!

Remembering:  To enjoy my last month in my twenties.  Even greater adventures await ahead!  

Monday, 16 June 2014

My Typewriter Problem


It is no secret that I really love vintage typewriters.  I already owned two last week when I found a third.  This Smith-Corona Galaxie II was at the thrift store for a great deal.  The case was in good shape and only a few keys were bent.  Although I do not need another project, I would like to clean up the inside and see how it polishes up!  Here are a few shots... 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Fun Finds in May

       I am baffled that it is already June!  Where did our spring go?  The weather has begun to heat up, and it has rained every day for the past four days on the Gulf Coast.  Early in May, my best friend graduated from USM with her masters.  Since she shares my love for vintage goodies, I decided the best place to find a graduation gift was the Centuries Antique Mall in D'Iberville.  Even though it is huge on Automall Parkway.  I always forget to check it out!

      So after work I cruised down there, and was not disappointed!  I was able to find a cute clutch and necklace for my friends as well as some great finds.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Fun Finds ~ Southern Cooking by Mrs. S. R. Dull

I found this great vintage cookbook at the Goodwill in North Gulfport today.  This is the 1968 edition, but the original was published in 1941.  The author Mrs. S. R. Dull is a legendary culinary expert from Georgia.  Southern Cooking is my type of cookbook because over half of it's contents are desserts!  It even subdivides cakes from the rest of the dessert section.  

Here are some of the recipes I would like to try: 

  • Miss Cora's Spanish Gumbo
  • South Georgia Ice Box Rolls
  • Boston Pumpkin Pie
  • Snow Balls (Merengue Dessert)

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Fun Finds: Gulfport

I found some great items at the Goodwill in Orange Grove yesterday afternoon.  Here is a quick snapshot of the fun things available.  I did make off with this awesome silver plated coffee pots!  

Samsonite Silhouette Carry On 
Vintage Anchor Tea Cups
(I wanted the whole set!) 
Great if you had the punch bowl pattern!
Silver Platted Coffee Pots
With a pineapple on the lid.  

Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy 2014! New at The Sassy Starfish

Happy New Year!  2014 is an exciting year for me and The Sassy Starfish.  This year will mark my 30th Birthday, and my fourth trip to the United Kingdom and Europe.  As I have for the past several years, I have made several resolutions.  

** Live the creative life…. this includes writing and reading daily.  Hopefully, I can cut out television significantly this year.  I am completing the Good Reads Reading Challenge for the fourth year in a row.  I am hoping to read over 100 books. 
** Learn to sew.  Blow the dust of my machine and get busy!
** Finds some more great vintage pieces.  Keep up with my thrifty lifestyle I started in 2013.  
** Scan all my family photographs.  I have the scanner, and now I need to get busy!

Here are some new posts to look forward to this year as well!

Sewing Sagas

As I mentioned in my resolutions, I want to learn to sew this year.  Nothing seems more retro and domestic than sewing.  I was really seduced into sewing by the cool projects on Pinterest.  So I hope to create posts about the projects I attempt and complete.  This will be from my point of view as a true beginner and I would like to share my journey with you. Look forward to projects, vintage inspired pieces, and insights onto the history of sewing.  

Thrifty Business

My friend The Muddy Mermaid and I are going to go more in depth on our thrift store adventures with this monthly series.  It will be full of tips and insights from us.  As well as some reviews on thrift stores/flea markets in our general area.  All items are on the table to discuss including: clothing, house decor, cutlery, furniture, books, and jewelry.  

The Sassy Starfish will continue to feature the normal Fun Finds and Wish List Wednesday memes.  Also, look forward to some great history and genealogy posts this year.  

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Best of 2013

Here are a few of my favorite Sassy Starfish Posts of 2013.  

  1. Sharing my grandmother's Ooey-Gooey Bars recipe.
  2. Continuing our Halloween Tradition with Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves is October.
  3. Our wood burning stove remodel.
  4. Fun finds in Independence, Oregon while visiting my graduate school buddies.
  5. Best genealogy advice I can give about what to do when you are stuck on your genealogy research.
  6. A brief history of the southern staple chicory coffee found in the deep south.  
It has been a fun year, where I started by Etsy shop and participated in my first craft shows.    

Everyone have a safe and happy New Year!