Happy New Year!

Take a break, and read about some history!

      The Sassy Starfish is my return to the blogging world.  A world that I adore, but let fall to the wayside when I changed careers in 2011.  In my first my blog, I shared my thoughts on the world when I lived in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I also have the blog Baking Book Bunny and The Rugged Bunch.  The Rugged Bunch is my camping and travel blog to share my adventures with my husband.  On all these blogs, I have shared some of my favorite interests including travel, reading, baking, and wedding planning.  However, I have a few other skills up my sleeve and this is where The Sassy Starfish comes into play.  

    When I began college at the University of Southern Mississippi in 2003, I changed my major several times until I found the perfect ones for me history and English.  I let my love of history carry me all the way to the University of Edinburgh in 2007 then to a short job at a local history and genealogy library in my hometown.  Unfortunately, I had to let my love of history go to the back burner in order to find a career with better job prospects.  After several years away form my beloved historical research, today I am returning to it with this blog.  

       Please look forward to future posts about history, genealogy, vintage living, and antique books.  This blog is part of my 2013 New Year's Resolutions, and I look forward to sharing my triumphant return to historical research with you!